Who Are We ?

Building a Stronger Baldwin County, One Affordable Home at a Time 

Poseidon Development Group isn't your typical development company. We're a Baldwin County-based, community-driven organization with a deep commitment to making our beautiful area a place where everyone can thrive.

We focus on what matters most: creating high-quality, attainable housing solutions that empower families and individuals to build a secure future. We believe affordable housing is the cornerstone of strong communities, and that's why we're passionate about developing vibrant neighborhoods where residents can:

Our team comprises dedicated professionals from Baldwin County who understand the unique needs and aspirations of our community. We go beyond bricks and mortar – we foster collaboration with residents, community leaders, and local businesses to ensure our developments seamlessly integrate into the existing landscape, promoting economic growth and a lasting sense of place.

At Poseidon Development Group, we're not just building houses, we're building a brighter future for Baldwin County, together.